Apogee Wheelbuilding for your bike business

The past few years’ explosion in the popularity of custom and boutique bicycles in the US has been accompanied by a matching increase in the popularity of custom and boutique wheels.  If you’re a custom framebuilder, or small bike manufacturer in need of wheels to help round out your complete bike builds, we’re here to help.

At Apogee Wheels, we maintain very strong relationships with a great number of wheel parts suppliers, both in the US and overseas, and have the expertise to build and deliver precision built, affordable handbuilt wheelsets to meet any budget and specification.  Our proprietary computerized quality-control process ensures that nothing which does not pass muster leaves our doors, and helps hold our master wheelbuilders to the highest possible standards of wheelbuilding ability.

Please feel free to contact us at the following email address: apogee at apogeewheels.com with any inquiry as to your wheelbuilding needs.  We maintain different wheelbuilding programs to aid with any quantity of wholesale custom wheelbuilding work, and are sure to have an option which can suit your business.